Fallen Heroes, Inc.
501c(3) Nonprofit Organization specializing in offering free guided bowfishing trips for our nations' heroes and Gold Star families
What Can We Do For YOU? 
  1. Free All-Inclusive Bowfishing Trip
    Free All-Inclusive Bowfishing Trip
    As long as you are a qualified hero, you are allowed to bring up to two guests to enjoy a night of bowfishing. Never been bowfishing? NO PROBLEM! Before we board the boat, we will ensure you are able to understand all of the equipment and have practiced taking shots at "fish" on shore. Trip includes transportation (if needed), drinks, snacks, and equipment is provided. All you have to do is show up to the boat ramp!
  2. Service Dogs Welcome!
    Service Dogs Welcome!
    We gladly welcome all certified service animals as long as they are not known to bite or jump off of a boat.
  3. In a Wheelchair?
    In a Wheelchair?
    Wheelchairs and power chairs are not a problem! Thanks to Prodigy Boats, a ramp was donated to allow you to enjoy the comfort of rolling onto the boat from the ramp.
  4. Sign Our Boat!
    Sign Our Boat!
    We love to look back on the memories of taking our honored guests out bowfishing. As a way to remember the good times, we ask for our honored guests to sign our fish hatch. How many people do you know would allow you to autograph their boat?
  5. Can't Make it to Alabama?
    Can't Make it to Alabama?
    We have a growing network of guides all over the country who is willing to help honor our heroes. Reach out to us and we will do our best to match you up with a knowledgeable, experienced guide to take you on a bowfishing trip!
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